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Awakening The Monster UnSeen

(Exercising Your Mind) By the time you know this story, I’ll be in China.

And by the time you finish reading this, you’ll be in a place you’ve never been also.

A place you have always wanted to be.

There is always room for improvement. Sometimes we get stuck in certain challenges so deeply that all we notice are the problems and forget that within these problems are always solutions.

No matter if you think your struggles are big or small, you can surely get to the places you have always wanted to be. You are about to travel many worlds within and without.

The way that you are going to arrive is by taking a journey with me through three short stories. First I will show you an invisible monster; second I clearly explain how much of the solution you are responsible for; and then finally give you the whole formula for awakening.


Seeing A Monster

We live in a world that considers nonconformity to be abhorrent. Especially when the resistance to fit in is progressive in such a way as to actually change the way that things are usually done.

Changing routines and circumstances are ridiculed, persecuted and cursed. Almost anything is done to degrade and diminish the importance and life affirming benefits of these courageous thoughts, words and actions while we just go along with  it.

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We jump on the bandwagon with all the naysayers and never can dos. We give in to fear and procrastination so that evolution and progress never see the light of day.

But that’s because all we can see is a monster. And it scares us. Because it is us.

The world that ridicules, persecutes, curses, degrades, and diminishes is in our very own mind(s). We see our deepest desires to step out of line to be free-thinking, progressive, awakened beings as monstrous.

Because we have so long been conditioned to fit inside a box. To choose conformity instead of courage. And it is only this programming that convinces us that we are seeing a monster.

The Ability To Respond

Most of the time we simply react. The instincts of fight and flight have been mistakenly named responses when they are truly reactions. These were conditioned long before we developed the faculty to reason logically with our so-called conscious mind.

So we try to fight or run away from the monster instead of seeing it for what it really is. But there is a way to get the right picture. And that is to see through the lens of responsibility.

The easy way out is to ignore what the truth is about ourselves. To doubt that we fear change and often see it as a terrible beast. This is most certainly the case when we desire to create change for ourselves.

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Our reaction is to blame our parents, teachers, bosses, significant others and the government for our apparent inability to realize what we know we are worthy of.

What we must understand is that as long as we accept that those things outside of ourselves are what determine our success or failure; we will always be waiting for them to change before we can change.

This is like waiting for our parents, teachers, bosses, significant others or government to starting practicing healthy living before we can be healthy for ourselves. And you obviously know how ridiculous that is, but do it anyway in so many forms.

If we hold the idea that our courage is a monster, then we deny ourselves the ability to change. This is the most irresponsible thing that we can do.

On the other hand, when we embrace our boldness and know that we are in full control of creating the life and experience that we honestly value, then we have assumed complete responsibility. This is when we totally have the ability to respond in the best way to our yearnings to evolve.

The Awakening

It may not be an absolute truth that I am completely responsible for all of the results and outcomes I experience in my life. However, when I act as if  this is true I consistently achieve the results I desire. This is the main requirement for me thinking, speaking and acting as if this is true.

And if you really want to consistently get what you want out of life in areas that you have not before, then maybe this certain way of being is the solution to that problem.

The solution is so simple that it is often overlooked. The real issue is that even though it is simple does not make the doing of it an easy task.

And we also have to keep in mind the great difference between appreciation and application. Knowing how to do and not doing just makes us a fan of the game and not the star player.

I have come to understand that the world, even the Universe in fact is a formless, neutral substance that responds directly to the nature of the thoughts that I consistently think.

This is the same for everyone.

It is the reason that we fail or succeed at anything. Very plainly, what we focus on in our thoughts and imaginations becomes what we experience in our lives. This is true whether or not we are mindful of what we focus on or even if we refuse to admit that we are responsible.

How can you hit a home-run if you are always thinking about striking out? How will you be healthy if you keep worrying about disease? How can you experience happiness when you are so occupied with entertaining all of the things that fill you with despair?

At the same time that you are thinking about how delicious some junk-food is, you can not be making a healthy meal-plan.

While you are complaining about how broke you are and how expensive things are, you are not planning out how to score your ideal ob or about how to create your dream business to provide for all of the things you could want or need.

And the time that you spend getting wasted on the weekends is not being used to read the pages of that life-changing book that could be lighting the way.

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Here is a great key to unlocking the best version of yourself. The key is to just ask yourself some questions.

If you find yourself dwelling on something that doesn’t feel good, ask yourself “What good thing would I rather be thinking about right now that would feel better?”

If you find yourself in a situation without vitality and enthusiasm for life, ask yourself “Is what I am doing right now moving me away from, or closer to my goals in life?”

And if you find it difficult answering those questions, maybe you have not explored and asked “What do I really want?”

Some will know the answers to their questions sooner than others. We are all different in this way. But no matter what, the journey is always worth it.

Because sleeping and dreaming are not the reasons why we should awaken. Not even nightmares are a problem. You may not have considered this yet, but there is such a thing as lucid-dreaming.

You see, even when we sleep we can be awakened. Because we can take control at anytime and transform our dreams and nightmares into our most fulfilling experiences in life.


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