It’s Simple: Better Sleep = Better Mental Health

It’s Simple: Better Sleep = Better Mental Health By Cheryl Conklin The alarm goes off. You lift your head from the pillow to check the time and, though only half awake, you try to do a quick calculation. It’s been … Continue reading

UniquilibriuM: Know YourSelf

(Exercising Your Mind) Originally Compiled by Hakeem Alexander for HypnoAthletics (2013) as “UniquilibriuM: The Will To Know Thy Self” You will remain in the same undesired places, covering lots of distance with no displacement from your current position until you act … Continue reading

Get Anything You Want in 7 Steps

Published earlier as “7 Steps to Get Anything You Want” on (HypnoAthletics) Feelings really matter a lot. Yes, I’m talking about emotions, but also physical feelings like sexual arousal. (more about this later). The way you feel about something, … Continue reading

UnPacking My Bellabaci Circu-Flow Kit (Relieve Stress and Anxiety)

(Hakeem Alexander) [+1] 954.487-0014 Photos – Sony Alpha a7R II  / Filters = 0 / Post = 0 There is so much more inside than just what you see here. Want your own Bellabaci Stress Relief Kit? Click here … Continue reading

Cellulite and its stages of development

(Exercising Your Mind) Cellulite. It’s a condition that affects 90% of women and 10% of men, mostly in industrial nations. As women start approaching menopause, oestrogen starts decreasing. From 25 to 35 is when you start seeing the appearance of cellulite. Oestrogen has … Continue reading

Cupping Breast Massage HD

(Exercising Your Mind) Using the wisdom of ancient treatments, combined with a modern twist, you can now be your own therapist, achieving professional results where it matters. Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy has been used for centuries and focuses on providing a … Continue reading

Ancient Chinese Cupping Therapy Modernized for Maximum Results

(Exercising Your Mind) Traditional Chinese Cupping Therapy has been used for centuries and focuses on providing a natural alternative for many types of conditions. Treat Circulation & Vitality Naturally Cupping Therapy is  an ancient treatment used for providing relief from many … Continue reading

Treat Circulation and Vitality Naturally

(Exercising Your Mind) Look and feel great with the Bellabaci Circuflow Kit, the perfect products to improve your body from head to toe. Treat Spider Veins, boost energy, vitality and improve your health naturally. Watch the Video and click the link … Continue reading

Treat Stress and Depression at Home

(Exercising Your Mind) A superior blend of organic Virgin Coconut oils with specially selected essential oils. Aromatherapy is a well-known treatment modality that supports the emotional and physical wellness of the body and mind. Use in conjunction with the Bellabaci handsqueezed … Continue reading

Offer Bellabaci Cupping Massage in Your Spa or Clinic

(Exercising Your Mind) This treatment modality is just what you need to broaden your therapist horizons and grow with the ever changing developments in the Health and Beauty Industry. Learn More Click Here –> Health & Beauty Watch the YouTube Video … Continue reading