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Standards, Qualification, Assessment and Course Construction Foundations for Developing English as an Additional Language

(Haiku Science Academy) In any field of endeavor, there is always room for improvement no matter how deep the history or how well established an industry is.

Experiencing and identifying some unforgivable problems within the international English language teaching industry, I have created various viable solutions. This enterprise is the tip of only one of these formidable ice-bergs.

I searched for and quickly found several institutions that were internationally recognized, and widely considered to have exceptional standards by most other established and well-respected organizations in the global English teaching industry.

The goal was to build a framework upon which could be constructed a system that would serve as an assessment for English students, a guideline for creating a complete English language course, and a qualification standard for educators.

I deleted, distorted, and added to the elements I selected to suit my criteria, and then reworded the more detailed composition for the simple purpose of making it my own brand.

There are 4 main components that were used to build the 9 level framework for

Haiku Science Academy: Developing English as an Additional Language.

The 1st part comes from where L.G. Alexander wrote in New Concept English that…

…a full scale course would resolve itself into three parts, each of which would consist of two stages:

Stage 1: Pre-Elementary level. | Elementary level.

Stage 2: Pre-intermediate level. | Intermediate level.

Stage 3: Pre-advanced level. | Advanced level.

I prefer 9 dimensions or 9 stages, so I added 3 upper levels to each stage.

NOTE: the original wording in the book is as above, but in “CERTIFICATION foundations…” I edited it to read “…would resolve itself into three [stages], each of which would consist of two [parts]:.

The 2nd part comes from the fact that The Common European Framework of Reference for Languages has six levels labeled A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, C2, to which I also added A, B, and C to correspond with my preference for 9 levels and the “Pre-” levels given by L.G. Alexander.

The 3rd part comes from my previously stated preference for 9 levels, which can be found in several previous publications of mine including “9 Dimensions of KappaGuerra“.

And finally, the 4th part comes from finding, to my great satisfaction, that the International English Learning Testing System has chosen to use a 9 level system. I first used their descriptions of the learning levels word-for-word, and then quickly reworded the text.

The IELTS descriptions are perfectly adequate as they are, and have been very helpful in helping me to organize the data I have collected from my international teaching practice. I have reworded the descriptions, and used the titles for each stage as I have so that I could simplify it to suit my own preferences, and to establish my own brand.

You can access the 9-Step Frame with the original IELTS wording by following the link #1 below, and compare it with the reworded 9-Step Frame by following the linked #2 below.

  1. IELTS 9-Band Scale to be Re-Worded
  2. Detailed Descriptors of HSA 9-SF DEAL

As of this publication I have not found any universally accepted standards across the varying institutions, nor are there any synthesis such as the one I have devised to be found.

With a lot more work the HSA 9-SF DEAL may produce suitable candidates to foster greater unification and cooperation among the multitude of systems and standards currently in use.

At this time, the Haiku Science Academy 9-Step Frame for Developing English as an Additional Language is being applied to

  1. Assess the levels of my English students;
  2. Create a complete English language course and;
  3. Implementing a qualification and certification standard for English teachers.


Α – Ω This is just the beginning of one of many ongoing projects with the aim of disrupting the Education, NLP, Fitness, Metaphysical, and Hypnosis industries to name a few.