How To Fit InTo Yoga: Tailor It To Suit Your Needs

(Exercising Your Mind) For those who have not yet figured out how Yoga fits into your life; or how Yoga may be of any use to you or others, it may be helpful to focus on this message.

When you go to buy clothing you usually “try on” different sizes to know for sure if the clothes will fit you the way that you like.

This is no different with Yoga.

Especially if you have not practiced Yoga before with an instructor. There are some people that I know who try on one Yoga class with one teacher and then give up because they think that Yoga does not fit them and will not suit their needs in life, whatever those needs may be.

The way to fit into yoga is really to tailor it to suit your needs. And often times this can only be done by trying on several different types of classes with different teachers until you find the right fit.

Some people already know what size shoes, pants and shirt will fit them and so they know with a fair amount of certainty what to pick out to try on.

This is the same with yoga.

Some of us already know what we are looking for in a yoga class or with a yoga teacher because we have taken the time to size ourselves up so that we are very clear about what we need.

You must take some time out at some point in life to determine and decide what it is that you really want and need for your life and how to be the best version of yourself.

Yoga is not for everyone. Just like high-heels are not for everyone to wear or to look at. But I know with certainty that most people on this Earth would benefit from some type of Yoga Practice.

Yoga is such a broad practice and there are so many types, styles and brands.

I have my own brand of Yoga known as Dream Action Yoga: Exposing the Conditioned Personality.

There is yoga where you sit and meditate on certain things; there is yoga where you focus on the quality, rhythm and depth of your breath.

There is yoga that is centered upon the physical power of the body. There is yoga that helps to connect with the divine; yoga for your hands called mudras; yoga for your eyes, and yoga for sex.

This message may not be delivering any information that is shockingly new or different than what you may already know or have heard. But there is a very noticeable difference between appreciation and applications of our knowledge.

May this perspective that you have taken your precious time to consider here be the motivational force to put into action the concepts which serves you the best.

Because you are in the most powerful position to help anyone or any situation when you are the best version of yourself. Any practice can be used from Hypnosis, Yoga or Capoeira.

The key to remember is that Yoga is a practice. So that when you have decided for sure what it is you want out of life then you can use Yoga, or any other tool to help you reach and pass your goals.

So continue to search and to practice until you find what you are looking for. But most importantly, realize that you can tailor anything that you do to suit your needs.

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